Korean traditional markets accept T-money & credit cards

Starting from January 1, 2015, vendors in traditional markets throughout downtown Seoul including Mangwon Market, Gildong Market, Sinwon Market, Sinchang Market, Yeongcheon Market, and Jeongneung Market are accepting payment by T-money and credit cards in addition to cash.

Seoul traditional markets T-money and credit cards

The new payment program is planned to be completed in 2018 in all of Seoul’s over 330 traditional markets. Payment by T-money card is as simple as touching the card to the card reader. Purchases made by credit card costing 50,000 won or less are completed without need for a signature.

T-money is a rechargeable series of cards/devices used for paying transportation fares in and around Seoul and other areas of South Korea. It can also be used in lieu of cash or credit cards in some convenience stores and business outlets.

Source: VisitKorea & Seoul Metropolitan Government

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