Where to eat at Incheon Airport ICN

Korean food vlogger Gabiekook had a mini feast with her sister at Incheon International Airport before boarding for LA and Sydney respectively.

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Angel-in-us cafe gives discounts to customers who order politely

Korean cafe chain Angel-in-us is holding a special discount on the first Wednesday of every month based on the “politeness” of the customers.

Angel in us cafe polite discount

Translated by Netizenbuzz
– “Americano.” (cold tone)… 50% extra charge
– “One Americano”… no discount
– “Please give me one Americano”… 20% discount
– “Hello, OOO-ssi. Please give me one delicious cup of Americano”… 50% discount

As pointed out by some netizens, the “polite discount” is not unusual in western countries. Charging extra on “rude” customers is not a norm tough, hope they are just joking about that or there will be some interest scenes.

Source: Angelinus (Kr)

Korean takes fast food pizza to a new level

Papa John’s Pizza’s eye catching all-in-one box set in South Korea.

Korean Papa Johns Pizza all in one box set

Original comment on Reddit, “I think Korea just out ‘Murica’ed America. I just got a BOX of food with pizza, pasta, chicken strips, dips, french fries, a giant cookie, plastic utensils, and carbonated drinks. In a box. With shelves of food delivered to my door. Came with a 2015 calendar too because why the f*** not?”

Seoul Dining Guides by Seoul City

Seoul City has published two dining electronic-guides – titled Soul Food of Seoul – so that visitors and tourists may fully enjoy their culinary experience of the city.

Seoul travel official dining guides

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Jessica Alba visits Noryangjin Fish Market

American actress Jessica Alba is in Seoul for a working holiday. She shared some photos on Instagram taken from her trip to Noryangjin Fish Market, an important wholesale hub as well as a popular place for seafood.

Jessica Alba Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market

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