Sungnyemun Restored

Korea’s National Treasure #1 Namdaemun (officially Sungnyemun) which was destroyed by fire in February 2008 is open to the public once again.

Seoul Sungnyemun restored 2013

Namdaemun is the main south gate of the city wall of Seoul and was first built in the fourth year of King Taejo’s reign (1398), and rebuilt during the 29th year of The Great King Sejong’s reign (1447) and also in the tenth year of King Seongjong’s reign (1479). It’s the oldest wooden structure in Seoul (wonder if it still counts).

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Taekwondo, Sports for The World

A video about Taekwondo which is originated from Korea – about its history and its global popularity these days etc.

Source: GatewayToKorea